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Submitted on
January 12, 2013


10 (who?)
Because I Kingdomkey have been on/am on a semi hiatus I will give you guys another week to get in any late entries or votes. Sorry if this is any inconvenience to anyone I just don't have the energy for anything as of late. I'm hoping that another week will clear up this funk, but if not I will be extending it a bit longer, don't count on it though. I will most likely be counting all votes on the first regardless of my psychical or mental fatigue. So get it all done!

Yar Fellow Gummi Lovers!

This is yer first mate Key, elated to announce the official Sexy Shark Pageant 2013

This is all ye-

Okay, its gonna get annoying typing like that. Ahem~

This is a chance for all you Gummi Shark owners to win FREE art and for those of you that have no sharks to vote on whose design you find to be the sexiest.

Lets jump right into those icky but important rules. Read them, and COMPREHEND them. Soak it up (Water pun not intended.). There is nothing more annoying than having to answer a question that's already answered in the rules. Reread before you ask questions, and try to use that common sense.

This is for FUN.

Do not ruin the mood. If all you have to say is "I'm sad, I have no gummi shark." or anything else negative keep it to yourself. There's a great big beautiful future out there, and if we enjoy this enough we may hold this again or make other opportunities for art and other prizes in the future. Who knows what the possibilities are if this is fun.


1: Already said it, no whining.
2: To Enter or Vote you have to be a member of :icongummi-sharks-fanclub: You can only vote once. You MAY vote for yourself.
3: You have to have a Gummi Shark to be a contender.
3: Draw a picture of your shark. From today 1/12/2012 to 1/19/2012 you'll have a head start to draw a picture of your shark for the pageant. It doesn't have to be fancy. Can be a sketch. It should however, represent your sharks personality. Make sure to link to the original design by Pie/Or Pie and Co. in the description for reference (Unless you were given permission in the past to make one, in this case link the first picture of them.)
4: You may enter at anytime, even after voting starts on the 1/19, the contest ends on the 2/233/1.
5: You can make more pictures to advertise and get more votes.
6. You can only vote once. Do not use multiple accounts. You can vote for yourself.
7: Fill out the form below to enter yourself, voting does not start just yet. So wait for the voting form.
8: Passwords:
9: Make sure to follow the group rules on the front page, with the added rule of you must completely draw your entry on your own. No bases for entries.
10: Entries are to be put into the Pageant folder; gummi-sharks-fanclub.deviantar… You may draw multiple pictures to gather attention and get votes but please choose just one for your main entry when filling out the form.
11: If you have more than one shark, you may enter both, but keep in mind that everyone can only vote once, more contestants could mean less votes for your other entry.

Competitor Form;

-Username: (Who are you, )
-Shark: (What is your sharks name?)
-Entry: (Link your entry image here)
-Who is the SEXIEST of them all: (Password)

Voter Form;

Vote here:


All prizes are to be drawn by me, Kingdomkey (unless otherwise stated! Feel free to offer prizes!)

One waist up pin up for Fan favorite. As well as a chibi and custom adopt by PotatobadgerAdopt and a Chibi and sketch bust from Ellestel

One waist up pin up for Judges choice. As well as a chibi and custom adopt by PotatobadgerAdopt and sketch bust from Ellestel

Then a headshot for runner up Fan favorite and a sketch headshot for third place fan favorite.

There will also be a VOTER prize, of a sketch/headshot for one random voter of one of their characters.

isabell93 is offering one animal custom for each person that places!

I may offer more depending on how much hype the contest gets.



I mean- GET DRAWING!!! And may the SEXIEST sharks in the seven seas win!

Many Thanks to Pieology for letting me put on the event and for Yukonix for helping me go over everything. I've been planning this for a while and you both have been a great help.
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LeopardMilk Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
-Username: LeopardMilk
-Shark: Tobias
-Entry: [link]
-Who is the SEXIEST of them all: Neptune or Nereus OTL Can't choose

I probably don't even have a shot. :'D But oh well.
demyx100 Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
-Username: (Who are you, ) *demyx100
-Shark: (What is your sharks name?) Zale
-Entry: (Link your entry image here) [link]
-Who is the SEXIEST of them all: (Password) Ladon

Can I still enter? I really hope I did this right
Added to the roster.
demyx100 Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you very much =)
owodoomkitty Feb 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
-Username: *owodoomkitty
-Shark: Ashe
-Entry: [link]
-Who is the SEXIEST of them all: Triton
Added you to the voting journal~ <3
owodoomkitty Feb 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
;v; thank yous
owodoomkitty Feb 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
;v; it's not too late to enter then? *finally finished my pic feels so slow* sorry
god... im so lazy. ill try to enter today ;_; but don't be chocked if i fail xD //shot
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