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Say Hello to Your Cutest Fears!

--WANTED-- by Pieology

Wormbreath: Heatseeker left me in charge of this group! It's a fan club for none other than us Gummi Sharks. What are we? We're something you should fear of course! We may be made of candy, squishy, and somehow "cute" to you humans, but mind you, we have a BIG bite!

This group is for the wimps that can't handle the big huge roleplay group! Er... Well you can be in both... I guess if you really like us, wanna see more art of us, or have chances to win us for free, you can join as well... Whatever!

Read more about us here i-if you know what's good for you!: Gummi Shark Info [General] (New Marking) by Pieology

Also, be sure to read the rules or... or something bad will happen to you, yeah!

*Join request are automatically accepted.
*No traced art, stolen art/designs, or art on traced bases allowed!
*Only submit Gummi Shark related pieces. (As in there must be a Gummi Shark in the picture and it must be the main focus)
*Status of Species: temporarily closed, meaning you cannot make your own.
*:new: No trade/resell/seeking journals allowed! I'll make a separate group or journal for them if the demand is high enough.
*The "Sketches" Folder is limited to 2 submissions a week. This is to avoid clogging up inboxes with sketches. eue Uncolored sketches go into this folder.
*And have fun!

Folder Info

This folder is only for extra info on Gummi Sharks like their attraction/gender differences, social classes, common personalities/mood, ect.

Gummi Shark Adoptables
Adoptable sheets of Gummi Sharks made by Pieology and others who Pieology gave permission to make their own to sale.

Reference Sheets
For your reference sheets on your Gummi Shark.

Digital Art
Art of Gummi Sharks made digitally.

Traditional Art
Art of Gummi Sharks made traditionally.

For uncolored sketches. Limit of 2 submissions per week.
Hello everyone Kingdomkey here.

I hate to have to do this, but after two months and only a single entry, I will be prematurely closing the pageant. My apologies to anyone that may have been considering entering, but at this point I feel like I must have picked an inopportune time to host it again. I had planned to stick it out despite being busy with life, sharks are always worth it to me! However, many people told me they would be interested in the contest, but in the end it seems like a flop, so I think its time for the SS Pageant to go away till next year~ (Or Perhaps the holidays If I can find the time to do something special then.)

I will still be sending out a small prize for the single entry, and I hope anyone that happened upon the contest enjoyed the idea. I had hoped it would be much grander than the 2013 contest, and had fun planning out a tiny little story line for all of us Gummi lovers to enjoy. Whenever I find the time to finish my owed art, I would still very much like to finish the rest of the art I had planned for the pageant and maybe the story line too, so if anyone was interested in that, be on the lookout.

I will be sorting the 2013 pictures into the regular folders as soon as I find the time, and leaving the 2014 folder open as a special gallery until the next contest. Feel free you use it for any summer-fun related art work.

Till next time gummi lovers!

- crazy shark lady Ana

-Let the Pageant Begin- by Kingdomkey

"Hey, Its your favorite gang boss to announce auditions for this summers recruitment's into the ranks of the Dark Tides!"


"I-I mean auditions for the sexiest sharks! The weather is starting to warm up and  we're looking for sharks of all sizes! Only the best will do, and the rest will be sleeping with the fishes! Show us what you're all about and you can be one of my lackeys!"


"I mean, awesome prize winners! Line up and my sexy assistants will check you out and see if you have what it takes. Make sure you leave your one thousand gummy bear entry fee in the collection bowls."

Hey all! Kingdomkey here! I'm glad to announce that I am finally starting up the 2014 Sexy Shark Pageant. I thank everyone the left input in the polls a while back.

I'm going to go ahead and open up to allow entries to give everyone ample time to enter.

As of right now there is no set end date, but I am planning for it to be Mid-Summer (End of July, start of August?) I will set something in stone once there are AT LEAST 10 entries. Unless a good portion of the entries are sketches. I don't want to jump the gun and close too soon so its also dependant on the quality of the entries.


1: To Enter or Vote you have to be a member of Gummi-Sharks-Fanclub You can only vote once. You MAY vote for yourself.

2: You have to have a Gummi Shark to be a contender.

3: Draw a picture of your shark. It doesn't have to be fancy. Can be a sketch. It should however, represent your sharks personality. Make sure to link to the original design by Pie/Or Pie and Co. in the description for reference (Unless you were given permission in the past to make one, in this case link the first picture of them.)

4: You can make more pictures to advertise and get more votes.

5: You can only vote once. Do not use multiple accounts.

6: Fill out the form below to enter yourself and post it below, voting does not start just yet. So wait for the voting form and contestants journal to enter.

7: Make sure to follow the group rules on the front page, you must completely draw your entry on your own. No bases for entries, and NO TRACING.

8: Entries are to be put into the Pageant 2014 folder.

9: You may draw multiple pictures to gather attention and get votes but please choose just one for your main entry to put in the pageant folder when filling out the form unless you are entering multiple characters. Each character gets their own form. (You can enter as many of your sharks as you like.)

10: Kick butt contestants! Its a Shark eat shark world! Only the best will win!! Have fun!

Competitor Form(Fill out and leave in the comments below.);
-Username: (Who are you, )
-Shark: (What is your sharks name?)
-Entry: (Link your entry image here)

Voter Form;
To be added when contestant journal is added.


All prizes so far are provided by Kingdomkey , will be adding things donated by others later. If you would like to donate a prize please note me.

Categories are;
Fan Favorite and Judges Choice.

Fan Favorite will be voted on by the group. There will be a First place prize of $10, then $7 for runner up and $5 for third place.

Judges choice will be voted on by myself and maybe others. There will also be a First place prize of $10, then $7 for runner up and $5 for third place.

Then there will be voters prizes as well. EIGHT random voters will receive a $2 prize just for voting. However, you can only win in one category, so if you win fan favorite, judges choice will be picked from the remaining entries. If you place for one of the Fan Fav or Judges prizes, you also may not place for voter prize.

I may offer more depending on how much hype the contest gets, and I'm also thinking of adding a second round of voter prizes where you can vote as your sharks Role play style. XD Not sure if I will but it seems like it could be fun. I will have to gauge how busy I will be during the month in which voting takes place and interest.

Note from your Co-founder;

I cannot be more serious about the last rule. I want EVERYONE to enjoy themselves. No drama of any kind please. This is 100% funded by me and others who are giving not only monetarily, but time wise, to let people in the group have a chance to show off their sharkies, and maybe discover friends to interact with. I am doing this simply because for the last year and some months, my gummi sharks have been one of my biggest passions, and I enjoy seeing what other people are doing with their babies, and seeing others be as enthusiastic as me about them. I fondly dream of this community growing into something beautiful.

I enjoy the happiness that creating this species and has brought my buddy Pie, and though it has also had its downs, I wholeheartedly support them, and her visions for them. I ask that everyone respect her rules!

Also, be confident in the skills you have, do not be shy or think yourself unworthy. Everyone is welcomed to join. The three categories are meant to give everyone a chance to win something regardless of "skill". Give your all, bring your charisma, and have a good time!

As always, many thanks to Pieology for letting me host the event!

Let the Pageant begin!

-Beat the Competition- by Kingdomkey
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Sorry for the late reply, but yes you may!
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Oh sometimes I do customs on this base for $15: .:Snack Sharks Customs 3:. by Pieology

But the price for customs in general can vary depending on what base I'm working on/if I offer freehand customs.
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